Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sponsored Video: Lacoste Invites You to Experience the New Chapter of Fragrance with LACOSTE L!VE

Lacoste invites people to experience the new chapter of their fragrance, the LACOSTE L!VE, appealing to those craving for authenticity, creativity and something new. The LACOSTE L!VE embodies the appeal of natural objects, yet twists with uniqueness as it challenges individuals to step back and see everything in life at a different angle, a whole new perspective.

The fragrance was inspired by discovering new perspectives in things ordinarily seen everyday. Something that pushes individuals into their boundaries and makes them creative beyond the subtle things. With the dynamic scent expertly blended by Lacoste, the unique fragrance gives the hint of irrepressible energy, yet with the touch of a cool edge. It is surprisingly discovering something new in something you see everyday by just changing your own perspective.

With the burst of lime that awakens the senses, it also delivers the vibrant freshness of green leaves without betraying the depth and originality brought by guaiac wood and dark liquorice. Each had been blended perfectly together, while also standing out with its known unique fragrant characteristics.
Sponsored Video: Lacoste Invites You to Experience the New Chapter of Fragrance with LACOSTE L!VE
LACOSTE L!VE flacon is also designed to tap your innovative side just at the fragrance it holds within. The cube flacon is edgy and modern with basic colors perfect as base for imaginations. It is bold, stylish and unique that once you saw it, you can easily recognize it. The six sides of the cube gives you the perspective that there is more than what you see.

Accompanied by the campaign theme “New Fragrance, New perspective,” LACOSTE L!VE promises to inspire you to have a different outlook of everything around you and see the new things in old ones. It sparks creativity, taps energy within and takes out the innovative you just like the renowned graffiti artist, Zoer who was challenged to make what seemed to be simple art in ordinary house objects into a 3D LACOSTE L!VE flacon art.

This post has been sponsored by Lacoste, but all thoughts are our own.




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