Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sponsored Video: Toyota Presents TOYOTA Dominoes the Hybrid Creations

Once again Toyota had exceeded the expectations of many by not only being able to think out of the box, but out right jump out of it and create something that had never been considered with the very famous ‘domino effect’.

Dominoes are known to fall one after the other, but Toyota had also considered the idea that one domino put up right can also affect all the others involved and connected with it. With this idea, they are able to express and point out the innovation with their H2 Full Cell Vehicle. Our community needs a little nudge to jump start again the actions towards ecofriendly nations just as in the extra ordinary video that starts up with a single domino.

What seemed to be in the far of future of automobile is able to be reached by Toyota with their launched Toyota hybrid technology. While we grew up with the notion that vehicles hurt the environment and only used for man’s comfort, Toyota viewed such notion as a challenge meant to be met head on with Toyota hybrid creations.

Toyota had simply proven the point that cars can actually be eco-friendly while not sacrificing the mileage, and social friendliness. Toyota believes that the planet still has hope to regain its glorious wonderful environment.

How can it be possible? Toyota’s innovation evolves around the idea that of the chemical reactions between the hydrogen and the oxygen creating energy that is enough to power the motor of the vehicle, thus ‘Fuel Cell’ is born. Hydrogen will act as the fuel, and it is environment friendly energy source that can be easily found in various raw materials, it creates no emission.

Unbelievable? Check out Toyota’s Global website. Support their movement for out mother earth by liking their Facebook account, following their Google+ page. Or just check the hybrid cars yourself in their video on their YouTube channel. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the movement for the cause of our mother earth.

This post has been sponsored by Toyota, but all thoughts are our own.




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